VINTAGEFURS is the largest marketplace for pre-owned furs in the world. We are an Authorized Fur Specialist site that thoroughly inspects every item before it is sold . Take time and browse the largest collection of pre-owned furs. Click on the picture you are interested in for product information like sizing and condition. We offer a 14 day money back guarantee for any returns. Domestic Shipping is 20.00 and International Shipping is 95.00. Please contact us with any questions and enjoy the largest selection of pre-owned furs in the world.

For over 10 years we have been dedicated to providing a buy and sell service for our clients.  VINTAGEFURS is about making pre-owned luxury outerwear accessible.  The platform has evolved over the years adding more designers and expanding its collection.  We have become the worlds largest reseller of luxury furs and outerwear.

  • VINTAGEFURS is an Authorized Fur Specialist site giving authenticity to the garments being sold. 

  • We are located in Virginia, USA

  • Our Staff is dedicated to making each listing informational so you can make the best decision when purchasing.

  • VINTAGEFURS takes pride in selling the best pre-owned furs. For any questions with your purchase please call us directly at 703-261-9535 or email us at

Please email or call when sending Returns or Exchanges!


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