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"The 2022 Positive Luxury Report aims to uncover the industry’s most pressing topics on the climate crisis. Relevance’s head of content Joanna Lewis assesses the key takeaways that marketers should consider and embed into their marketing strategies.

A year marked by glimmers of hope and growing uncertainty with the ongoing climate crisis, 2022 is a pivotal time in history for luxury brands to continue to take action to offset their carbon footprint.

The Positive Luxury 2022 Predictions Report: Decoding the Next Decade of Change promises to pave the way for luxury brands, exploring the industry’s most pressing topics that your business should be paying attention to for a better, more environmentally-friendly future.

To adapt your marketing strategies accordingly, discover the major luxury trends marketers should be aware of in this demanding and shifting sector."

  • Jun 15, 2022
  • Category: News
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